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The Toonerville Trolley

Thick Tahquamenon Forest

Along the Tahquamenon River

Bird Lovers Paradise

Your Real Adventure Awaits

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Authentic narrow gauge railroad, takes you 5 1/2 miles through thick forest, the habitat of bear, deer, moose, gray wolf, and many types of birds.

Amazing views of wildlife right from the comfort of your seat train seat. This entire trip is perfect for the entire family!

Boarding the Hiawatha, guests will experience a once in a life-time opportunity on our riverboat tour. This is the only trip to the Tahquamenon Falls.

More than 300 species, including the rarities, have been documented using this migration corridor. Make sure to bring your camera!

By rail and riverboat, experience a real adventure through the forest, through the Tahquamenon River and down to the Tahquamenon Falls.

The upper falls as seen from the train and riverboat tour

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page.
If you don’t see your question here please give us a call 906-876-2311            1-888-77-TRAIN 

Q. Where do you board the train?
A. We are located at Soo Junction Michigan. We are 15 miles East of Newberry, just 2 minutes off Highway M-28 at mile marker #246, or about 1 hour from the Mackinac Bridge. For directions to us return to the home page and click the map tab for Google map directions. Our address is 7195 C. R. 381 (Soo Junction Road) Soo Junction MI. 49868. Due to our remote location GPS units have trouble finding us. The nearest intersection is state highway 28 and County Road 381 and at mile marker #246. Our big yellow sign is on this corner. Follow the county road (381) north for 2 miles it will dead end right into the parking lot. Soo Junction is on most Michigan maps. Please call if you need directions. 

Q. Is it necessary to make advance reservations?
A. We are recommending advance reservations for the 2018 season. Tour #1 the Train and riverboat tour will hold 180 passengers and Tour #2 the train only ride will hold 100. Click on the make reservations button to reserve online or give us a call.

Q. How far is the hike to see the falls?
A. The nature trail is 5/8 of a mile each way.This hike is considered to be medium in difficulty. There is stairway at the dock (16 steps) and 2 stairways (top view 40 steps and bottom view 62 steps) at the falls viewing area to get you closer to the falls. There is a limited side view of the falls from the trail without doing the stairs. The stopover for this hike is 1 hour and 15 minutes. This trail is not handicap accessible. The hike is not recommended for people with serious health problems or problems walking. Passengers who don't hike are very welcome to stay on the boat.

Q. Are your tours handicap accessible?
A. Partially. We can assist passengers onto and off of the train and boat in a manual wheelchair as long as they do not exceed 175 pounds. Sorry we are unable to accommodate scooters or power chairs. The distance from the train to the riverboat is 60 to 70 feet. The hiking trail to our private viewing area at Tahquamenon Falls is not handicap accessible. Passengers who are unable to hike are welcome to remain aboard the boat for the 1 hour and 15 minute stopover, however you are unable to see the falls from the boat. The captain and crew also remain aboard at the stopover and will take good care of passengers who do not hike. We encourage passengers with disabilities to contact us for more information.

Q. How should I dress for the tour?
A. Bring a jacket or sweatshirts as mornings can sometimes be cool even in the summer months. Walking shoes, tennis shoes, or hikers are the best footwear. In the late season warm clothing is advised. Long pants and several layers work the best. You can even bring blankets if you like.

Q. Are there restrooms available during the tour?
A. Yes The depot has restrooms, The riverboat has restrooms on board and there is a restroom at the viewing area at Tahquamenon Falls. A restroom is available during the stopover for switching on Tour #2. The time that you are on the train is the only time (35-40 minutes) in which there isn’t a restroom.

Q. Do the tours run rain or shine?
A. Yes. However please note that very high winds or other severe weather could cancel the tour. This doesn’t happen very often but it’s a possibility. We reserve the right to cancel if less than 30 passengers on Tour #1.

Q. Is food available on your tours?
A. Yes. The riverboat has a lunch grill and beverage bar onboard. They serve freshly made to order burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, ham and cheese, chicken sandwiches, sloppy joes, nachos, vegetarian burgers and even peanut butter and jelly, or grilled cheese for those fussy eaters. After Labor Day we serve our homemade riverboat chili. We also have snacks, chips, and beverages both hot and cold including beer, wine and wine coolers. The best part is our prices are reasonable. all sandwiches are between $3.00 and $5.95. The 1 ¾ hour wilderness train ride has a snack bar that sells drinks, chips, candy, and other snacks. This service is CASH ONLY.

Q. How long is each part of Tour #1 the 6 ½ hour tour to the falls?
A. The train ride is 35 minutes each way. The river cruse is 2 hours each way and we stop over for 1 hour and 15 minutes for the nature hike to see Tahquamenon falls via our private access. The total time is 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM If touring with young children be sure and bring some things for the children to play with.

Q. Can we just take the boat cruse?
A. No. The train is our access to the boat. There is no road access to the river so we use the train to transport passengers to the dock so they can board the riverboat for the trip to the falls.

Q. What are your schedule and rates?
A. Please return to our main page and click the link on the top that says Schedule & Rates. You will find our information there.

Q. Do you offer group rates?
A. Yes. We have group rates for as few as 10 paying passengers. All groups must be reserved in advance. Please call for a quote.

Q. Do you take credit cards?
A. Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card for tickets and gifts at the station. However the food and beverage service on the riverboat and the snack bar are CASH ONLY. Sorry no personal checks.

Q. Does the 1 ¾ hour wilderness train ride take you to the falls?
A. No. Only the combination train and riverboat tour take you to the falls.

Q. What types of carry on items may I bring?
A. Extra jackets and clothing. Bags or backpacks. Strollers and diaper bags and toys for children. Small coolers that will fit under your seat. Cameras and binoculars. Blankets in cool weather. State law prohibits passengers from carrying on alcoholic beverages. Adult beverages are sold on the boat.

  Q. Do you allow well-behaved pets on your tours.
A. Yes. A well-behaved pet is welcome to join you on the tours. We do have some rules that the pet owners must agree to follow in order fom their pet to join the tour. #1 Pets must be well behaved without escessive barking and jumping on other passengers. #2 all pets must be on a 6 foot leash and under the controil of an adult at all times. #3 Pets shall not be on the seats unless they are on your lap. That applies to both the train and boat. #4 The food service area on the riverboat is off limits to pets; State Health Department rules. This is the enclosed part of the lower deck. Pets are fine in all other areas. We ask that you bring along your pets water dish so they can get a drink throughout the day. 

Q. Are you on facebook?
A. Yes we are listed under Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tours & Toonerville Trolley

Q. Where do you suggest we stay to be close to Soo Junction?
A. We are 20 minutes from Newberry. There are several motels, restaurants and campgrounds in that area. Check out this web site for a listing of lodging www.newberrytourism.com We are 1 hour from Sault Ste. Marie and St Ignace. 

Q. Can I use my GPS to get directions to Soo Junction?
A. some GPS units have trouble finding us. Be sure and put your destination in as 7195 C. R. 381 (Soo Junction Rd.) Soo Junction MI. 49868. If you need help with finding us please give us a call. 1-888-778-7246 Go to our map page for directions.